W value in Shapiro-Wilk Test

Can anyone help me understand what the w-value means in the output of Shapiro-Wilk Test?
Where does this statistic come from?

Thank you.

Googling the title to your question came up with several posts answering your question. Here is one

In general, it is always good to try searching for the answer prior to posting questions.


Thank you.
Actually I did, including this one. But I don’t think I really get it. I did find some other details about the Sharito-Wilk Test though, but I am just wondering if someone can explain it in more details.

Thanks again. I will keep searching online. :slight_smile:

Here's a brief video lecture on it:

Otherwise, this might be a bit out of scope for this forum. :confused: If you can whittle it down to a point not covered in the thread below, you might have better luck on Cross-Validated.