Volcanoplot function Error in toptable[[x]] : argument "x" is missing, with no default

HI there,

I'm trying to do a very simple thing but my usual commands aren't working.

After fitting a bayesian fit to my model I wanted to do a volcano plot

fit <- eBayes(fit, trend=F)

#Get hits and plot
coef <- 3
hits <- topTable(fit, coef)
volcanoplot(fit, coef

But I am unable to edit the volcano plot to add limits to the plot it produces.

I simply want to edit the x and y axis for their limits and highlight points anything above certain p-value level.
For example

volcanoplot(fit, coef, ylim=c(-0.5, 25))
Error in volcanoplot(fit, coef, ylim = c(-0.5, 25)) :
unused argument (ylim = c(-0.5, 25))

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