VM hangs on after start Connect QuickStart

My virtual machine hangs on after starting rstudio-quickstart-18.04-amd64-20190209. I can stop it in manager of Windows only.

The one mistake I found in the VBox.log:

ERROR [COM]: aRC=VBOX_E_VM_ERROR (0x80bb0003) aIID={ab4164db-c13e-4dab-842d-61ee3f0c1e87} aComponent={DisplayWrap} aText={Could not take a screenshot (VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED)}, preserve=false aResultDetail=-37

Could You help me with start of this service?

Very strange! Do you see anything like this in the logs?

TM: Host/VM is not suitable for using TSC mode 'RealTscOffset', 
request to change TSC mode ignored

This is an issue we have seen before that manifests in this way. Unfortunately, we have not found the solution yet, as it seems to be a configuration issue on the Host / VM.

Alternatively, you might copy/paste more of the logs to see if there is anything else that might be related? The error about taking a screenshot seems (hopefully) unrelated. The behavior you are seeing is just no activity / nothing shows up in the browser at http://localhost:5000 ?

Since morning VM hangs on and browser response nothing. I can send You whole log file on email.

00:00:00.739747 CPUM: SetGuestCpuIdFeature: Enabled PAE
00:00:00.739750 CPUM: SetGuestCpuIdFeature: Enabled LONG MODE
00:00:00.739753 CPUM: SetGuestCpuIdFeature: Enabled LAHF/SAHF
00:00:00.739756 CPUM: SetGuestCpuIdFeature: Enabled NX
00:00:00.740597 NEM: Successfully set up partition (device handle 0000000000000a1c, partition ID 0x4)
00:00:00.740609 NEM: Memory balance: 0xea out of 0x116 pages in use
00:00:00.741347 PGM: HCPhysInterPD=0000000089e1e000 HCPhysInterPaePDPT=0000000089e21000 HCPhysInterPaePML4=0000000089e23000
00:00:00.741354 PGM: apInterPTs={0000000089e1f000,0000000089e20000} apInterPaePTs={00000001f1f54000,0000000661255000} apInterPaePDs={00000002b8656000,00000001ed857000,00000001f8658000,00000007e1459000} pInterPaePDPT64=0000000089e22000
00:00:00.741360 PGM: Host paging mode: AMD64+NX
00:00:00.741367 PGM: PGMPool: cMaxPages=1072 (u64MaxPages=1058)
00:00:00.741370 PGM: pgmR3PoolInit: cMaxPages=0x430 cMaxUsers=0x860 cMaxPhysExts=0x860 fCacheEnable=true 
00:00:00.758811 TM: GIP - u32Mode=3 (Invariant) u32UpdateHz=93 u32UpdateIntervalNS=10741500 enmUseTscDelta=2 (Practically Zero) fGetGipCpu=0xb cCpus=12
00:00:00.758824 TM: GIP - u64CpuHz=3 696 014 877 (0xdc4cb61d)  SUPGetCpuHzFromGip => 3 696 014 877
00:00:00.758829 TM: GIP - CPU: iCpuSet=0x0 idCpu=0x0 idApic=0x0 iGipCpu=0x5 i64TSCDelta=0 enmState=3 u64CpuHz=3696014568(*) cErrors=0
00:00:00.758834 TM: GIP - CPU: iCpuSet=0x1 idCpu=0x1 idApic=0x1 iGipCpu=0x7 i64TSCDelta=0 enmState=3 u64CpuHz=3696014860(*) cErrors=0
00:00:00.758837 TM: GIP - CPU: iCpuSet=0x2 idCpu=0x2 idApic=0x2 iGipCpu=0x1 i64TSCDelta=0 enmState=3 u64CpuHz=3695987165(*) cErrors=0
00:00:00.758841 TM: GIP - CPU: iCpuSet=0x3 idCpu=0x3 idApic=0x3 iGipCpu=0xb i64TSCDelta=0 enmState=3 u64CpuHz=3696014951(*) cErrors=0
00:00:00.758844 TM: GIP - CPU: iCpuSet=0x4 idCpu=0x4 idApic=0x4 iGipCpu=0x6 i64TSCDelta=0 enmState=3 u64CpuHz=3696014716(*) cErrors=0
00:00:00.758847 TM: GIP - CPU: iCpuSet=0x5 idCpu=0x5 idApic=0x5 iGipCpu=0x4 i64TSCDelta=0 enmState=3 u64CpuHz=3696014779(*) cErrors=0
00:00:00.758851 TM: GIP - CPU: iCpuSet=0x6 idCpu=0x6 idApic=0x6 iGipCpu=0x3 i64TSCDelta=0 enmState=3 u64CpuHz=3696014502(*) cErrors=0
00:00:00.758854 TM: GIP - CPU: iCpuSet=0x7 idCpu=0x7 idApic=0x7 iGipCpu=0x8 i64TSCDelta=0 enmState=3 u64CpuHz=3696014712(*) cErrors=0
00:00:00.758858 TM: GIP - CPU: iCpuSet=0x8 idCpu=0x8 idApic=0x8 iGipCpu=0x2 i64TSCDelta=0 enmState=3 u64CpuHz=3696012201(*) cErrors=0
00:00:00.758861 TM: GIP - CPU: iCpuSet=0x9 idCpu=0x9 idApic=0x9 iGipCpu=0xa i64TSCDelta=0 enmState=3 u64CpuHz=3696014897(*) cErrors=0
00:00:00.758864 TM: GIP - CPU: iCpuSet=0xa idCpu=0xa idApic=0xa iGipCpu=0x9 i64TSCDelta=0 enmState=3 u64CpuHz=3696014881(*) cErrors=0
00:00:00.758868 TM: GIP - CPU: iCpuSet=0xb idCpu=0xb idApic=0xb iGipCpu=0x0 i64TSCDelta=0 enmState=3 u64CpuHz=3696014877(*) cErrors=0
00:00:00.758892 TM: NEM overrides the /TM/TSCModeSwitchAllowed setting.
00:00:00.758899 TM: cTSCTicksPerSecond=3 696 014 877 (0xdc4cb61d) enmTSCMode=4 (NativeApi)
00:00:00.758900 TM: TSCTiedToExecution=false TSCNotTiedToHalt=false
00:00:00.759253 VMM: CoreCode: R3=00000000070c0000 R0=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX RC=a0978000 Phys=0000000089e0f000 cb=0x1000
00:00:00.759495 EMR3Init: fRecompileUser=false fRecompileSupervisor=false fRawRing1Enabled=false fIemExecutesAll=false fGuruOnTripleFault=true 
00:00:00.759657 IEM: TargetCpu=CURRENT, Microarch=Intel_Core7_CoffeeLake
00:00:00.759736 GIM: Using provider 'KVM' (Implementation version: 0)
00:00:00.759743 CPUM: SetGuestCpuIdFeature: Enabled Hypervisor Present bit
00:00:00.759803 AIOMgr: Default manager type is 'Async'
00:00:00.759808 AIOMgr: Default file backend is 'NonBuffered'
00:00:00.760036 BlkCache: Cache successfully initialized. Cache size is 5242880 bytes
00:00:00.760042 BlkCache: Cache commit interval is 10000 ms
00:00:00.760076 BlkCache: Cache commit threshold is 2621440 bytes
00:00:00.902951 PcBios: [SMP] BIOS with 1 CPUs
00:00:00.902971 PcBios: Using the 386+ BIOS image.
00:00:00.904909 PcBios: MPS table at 000e1300
00:00:00.905103 PcBios: fCheckShutdownStatusForSoftReset=true   fClearShutdownStatusOnHardReset=true 
00:00:00.911712 SUP: Loaded VBoxDDR0.r0 (C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxDDR0.r0) at 0xXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX - ModuleInit at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and ModuleTerm at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX using the native ring-0 loader
00:00:00.911720 SUP: windbg> .reload /f C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxDDR0.r0=0xXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
00:00:00.911896 CPUM: SetGuestCpuIdFeature: Enabled xAPIC
00:00:00.912177 IOAPIC: Using implementation 2.0! Chipset type ICH9
00:00:00.912220 PIT: mode=3 count=0x10000 (65536) - 18.20 Hz (ch=0)
00:00:00.920507 Shared Folders service loaded
00:00:00.924956 Guest Control service loaded
00:00:00.937163 VGA: Using the 386+ BIOS image.
00:00:00.938073 DrvVD: Flushes will be ignored
00:00:00.938079 DrvVD: Async flushes will be passed to the disk
00:00:00.938253 VD: VDInit finished with VINF_SUCCESS
00:00:00.938393 VD: Opening the disk took 302302 ns
00:00:00.938513 PIIX3 ATA: LUN#0: disk, PCHS=16383/16/63, total number of sectors 81920000
00:00:00.938547 PIIX3 ATA: LUN#1: no unit
00:00:00.938585 PIIX3 ATA: LUN#2: no unit
00:00:00.938590 PIIX3 ATA: LUN#3: no unit
00:00:00.938637 PIIX3 ATA: Ctl#0: finished processing RESET
00:00:00.938739 PIIX3 ATA: Ctl#1: finished processing RESET
00:00:00.938780 E1000#0: Chip=82540EM LinkUpDelay=3000ms EthernetCRC=on GSO=enabled Itr=disabled ItrRx=enabled TID=disabled R0=enabled GC=enabled
00:00:00.950279 NAT: Guest address guess set to by initialization
00:00:00.965297 NAT: DNS#0:
00:00:00.965306 NAT: DNS#1:
00:00:00.991816 NAT: Set redirect TCP ->
00:00:00.992693 AC97: Using codec 'STAC9700'
00:00:00.992739 Audio: Initializing DirectSound audio driver
00:00:01.143966 AC97: Reset
00:00:01.144167 PGM: The CPU physical address width is 39 bits
00:00:01.144174 PGM: PGMR3InitFinalize: 4 MB PSE mask 0000007fffffffff
00:00:01.144298 TM: TMR3InitFinalize: fTSCModeSwitchAllowed=false
00:00:01.144664 VMM: Thread-context hooks unavailable
00:00:01.144670 VMM: RTThreadPreemptIsPending() can be trusted
00:00:01.144686 VMM: Kernel preemption is possible
00:00:01.144710 EM: Exit history optimizations: enabled=true  enabled-r0=true  enabled-r0-no-preemption=false
00:00:01.144714 VMM: fUsePeriodicPreemptionTimers=false
00:00:01.144721 CPUM: Logical host processors: 12 present, 12 max, 12 online, online mask: 0000000000000fff
00:00:01.144722 CPUM: Physical host cores: 6
00:00:01.144722 ************************* CPUID dump ************************
00:00:01.144727          Raw Standard CPUID Leaves
00:00:01.144727      Leaf/sub-leaf  eax      ebx      ecx      edx

00:00:01.145016 Virtual Address Width:           48 bits
00:00:01.145016 Guest Physical Address Width:    0 bits
00:00:01.145017 Physical Core Count:             1
00:00:01.145018 ******************** End of CPUID dump **********************
00:00:01.145045 PcBios: ATA LUN#0 LCHS=1024/255/63
00:00:01.145093 APIC: fPostedIntrsEnabled=false fVirtApicRegsEnabled=false fSupportsTscDeadline=false
00:00:01.145099 TMR3UtcNow: nsNow=1 551 717 624 197 048 300 nsPrev=0 -> cNsDelta=1 551 717 624 197 048 300 (offLag=0 offVirtualSync=0 offVirtualSyncGivenUp=0, NowAgain=1 551 717 624 197 048 300)
00:00:01.145109 VMEmt: Halt method global1 (5)
00:00:01.145118 VMEmt: HaltedGlobal1 config: cNsSpinBlockThresholdCfg=50000
00:00:01.145122 Changing the VM state from 'CREATING' to 'CREATED'
00:00:01.145970 Audio: Initializing VRDE driver
00:00:01.146291 Changing the VM state from 'CREATED' to 'POWERING_ON'
00:00:01.146566 Changing the VM state from 'POWERING_ON' to 'RUNNING'
00:00:01.146576 Console: Machine state changed to 'Running'
00:00:01.150343 VMMDev: Guest Log: BIOS: VirtualBox 6.0.4
00:00:01.150526 PCI: Setting up resources and interrupts
00:00:01.155324 PIT: mode=2 count=0x10000 (65536) - 18.20 Hz (ch=0)
00:00:01.161655 ERROR [COM]: aRC=VBOX_E_VM_ERROR (0x80bb0003) aIID={ab4164db-c13e-4dab-842d-61ee3f0c1e87} aComponent={DisplayWrap} aText={Could not take a screenshot (VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED)}, preserve=false aResultDetail=-37
00:00:01.177222 Display::handleDisplayResize: uScreenId=0 pvVRAM=0000000000000000 w=720 h=400 bpp=0 cbLine=0x0 flags=0x0
00:00:01.186880 VMMDev: Guest Log: CPUID EDX: 0x178bfbff
00:00:01.187114 PIIX3 ATA: Ctl#0: RESET, DevSel=0 AIOIf=0 CmdIf0=0x00 (-1 usec ago) CmdIf1=0x00 (-1 usec ago)
00:00:01.187171 PIIX3 ATA: Ctl#0: finished processing RESET
00:00:01.188764 VMMDev: Guest Log: BIOS: ata0-0: PCHS=16383/16/63 LCHS=1024/255/63
00:00:01.194428 PIIX3 ATA: Ctl#0: RESET, DevSel=1 AIOIf=0 CmdIf0=0xec (-1 usec ago) CmdIf1=0x00 (-1 usec ago)

Very strange!! Everything looks healthy!! And honestly, it looks like it is running! Do you mind sending a screenshot of what http://localhost:5000 looks like in your browser?

This is a bit more advanced, but another thing you might try is going to Settings -> Network -> Advanced -> Port Forwarding.

Then add a rule like this one (Rule 1):

This allows SSHing into the VirtualBox image with something like the following. If the box is hung somehow, this should fail, otherwise you should get a password prompt.

ssh -v -p 5001 rstudio@localhost

Tomorrow i will try to forward port with my admin. The webpage doesn't answer

Very strange!! It does look like basically nothing is happening on the VM. I did a cursory search for this type of issue within VirtualBox. It looks like tinkering with the Settings for the image might help? Disabling audio / ensuring that you have enough RAM available / etc.? Do any of these help?


Do you have another computer that you could try the QuickStart on, perchance? It seems that the issue is almost certainly with your computer / VirtualBox configuration, as the QuickStart cannot even get off the ground :frowning:

after setting EFI on the VM doesn't hang on but still I don't have connection to de server.
Aby other change havn't got any positive result. I'll try on VM in GCP but it's my last idea.

When you say it "doesn't hang on," what do you mean? Does it get started, do you get access to a terminal, etc.? And what EFI setting change did you make?

It might be good for someone else to hear a bit more about what you did to see if it helps them! Unfortunately, I am pretty much out of ideas as well :frowning: Maybe this is something you could post on the virtualbox forums? Are you able to start any other types of virtualbox images? (i.e. a bare Ubuntu VM?).

I am suspicious that the GCP instance might not work because of hypervisor-in-a-hypervisor shenanigans (I lost a few days to that last year). But hopefully I am wrong! Would definitely love to get you up and running here! I'm honestly thinking the best bet may be to try with a bare Ubuntu image and post on the virtualbox forum, where more virtualbox-savvy folks may be lurking!

If the server is started successfully, though, then perhaps I can help in debugging what is keeping you from connecting!

Any more updates here? I'm hopeful that you had great success, but suspicious that there may not have been a breakthrough :frowning: This Virtualization stuff can be very painful

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