VlnPlot Empty Raster Error Message

I have R studio desktop installed on both my personal and work computers.

I am following the Seurat - Guided Clustering Tutorial to analyze single cell RNA sequencing data I recently generated.

I've noticed after I create my Seurat Object, when I attempt to visualize the average number of features, UMI's, and percent mitochondria with the command:
VlnPlot(, features = c("nFeature_RNA", "nCount_RNA", "percent.mt"), ncol = 3)

I receive the following error message and no plot on my work computer.

Error in grid.Call.graphics(C_raster, x$raster, x$x, x$y, x$width, x$height, :
Empty raster

This does not happen on my personal computer however when I run the exact same code and use the same Seurat object. Instead I get the VlnPlot I was hoping for. I've also noticed this has only recently begun happening on my work computer.

I believe it may be because I've installed several new R packages on my work computer to support my analysis but I'm not certain. These packages include ProjecTIL for reference mapping and EnhancedVolcano for differential gene expression analysis.

Should I uninstall R studio desktop from my work computer and reinstall it?

I also had this problem, have you figure it out?

Hello ! I'm sorry I'm not good at English. I had same problems.
When I debugged VlnPlot function by using debug function, I found installing ggrastr package is the causal, so I removed it and solved the problem.
Please try this. Thanks.

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