Visualize bubbles on a map, using hc_add_series_map() instead of hcmap()

Hi everybody.
I am trying to visualize a bubble map, using highcharter.

I did it perfectly, using this code


hcmap("custom/africa") %>%
hc_add_series(data = fake_data, type = "mapbubble", maxSize = '10%', color = 
"Red", showInLegend = FALSE) %>% 
hc_legend(enabled = FALSE)  

My data

> dput(fake_data)
structure(list(country = c("DZ", "CD", "ZA", "TZ"), lat = c(28.033886, 
-4.038333, -30.559482, -6.369028), lon = c(1.659626, 21.758664, 
22.937506, 34.888822), name = c("Algeria", "Congo, Dem. Rep", 
"South Africa", "Tanzania"), z = c(20, 5, 10, 1)), class = c("spec_tbl_df", 
"tbl_df", "tbl", "data.frame"), row.names = c(NA, -4L), spec = 
cols = list(country = structure(list(), class = c("collector_character", 
"collector")), lat = structure(list(), class = c("collector_double", 
"collector")), lon = structure(list(), class = c("collector_double", 
"collector")), name = structure(list(), class = c("collector_character", 
"collector")), z = structure(list(), class = c("collector_double", 
"collector"))), default = structure(list(), class = c("collector_guess", 
"collector")), skip = 1), class = "col_spec"))

External geo data for Africa originally comes from this source and used with hcmap() .

But I transform it into RDS and use locally. Available here.

My problem that I cannot use my code and external data due to corporate IT security restrictions. I cannot deploy this code with Shiny/RMarkdown on Connect, it is blocked. The code works perfectly on pure RMarkdown report even on Connect, but when I add runtime: shiny it fails on Connect for obvious reason.

02/23 14:47:27.939

trying URL ''

02/23 14:47:28.199

Quitting from lines 16-22 (Test.Rmd)

02/23 14:47:28.200

02/23 14:47:28.201

Warning: Error in download.file: cannot open URL ''

I see two potential solutions: rewrite a code without this hcmap(), which pulls external data, substituting it with hc_add_series_map() or somehow save this African data (I did in RDS) and read from project directory.

First approach failed.

africa_map_data <- readRDS("africa_map_data.RDS")

And use the hc_add_series_map() with local data instead of hcmap() .

highchart() %>%
map = africa_map_data,
df = fake_data,
value = "z",
joinBy = c("hc-a2", "country"),
type = "mapbubble",
maxSize = '10%',
color = "Red"

But it does not work well, I get a mess.

My question: How to create a bubble map with hc_add_series_map() (or any other way) without hcmap() or how to use locally saved data with hcmap() to be able to run it as shiny element on Connect with some firewall.


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