visual R markdown thoughts

Dear Rstudio devs!

Thanks for being so awesome.
I just have some thoughts on the visual R markdown editor that I need to share somewhere.

Quick background:
I am a scientist and write papers from data analysis to finished manuscript in Rstudio. Therefore when I saw this feature I was extatic.

But I quickly realized that this way of editing R markdown docs is far inferior to what is already available by the normal editor mode.

Issues that I have with the visual R markdown editor:

  1. It is slow. I hate to wait for it to respond. I have v. good hardware but encounter noticable delay in cisual mode...

  2. It stripped me of vim mode. I'm sorry but I cant write without vim anymore. And I love the fact that R studio has a basic vim mode that is actually a hybrid between normal writing and full blown vim. This mode is godsend for me!! I cant stress this enough how I love this feature. Whoever had this Idea at Rstudi should have my deepest respect :smile: But visual mode does not have it....

  3. The visual mode does not even allow to search text with ctlr+f ....

  4. There is a HUGE advantage in the visual mode for me. What actually makes me jump between a normal editor and visual mode. Although I hate this, still this feature makes it worth the hussle: I am talking about the DOI citation tool! This is GREAT! and I mean AWESOME feature that I was waiting for. And you delivered! I just want to say thank you!!! I used to put references by hand in the bib file but my process is a lot quicker whenever I can just copy-paste the doi in the right place and have it turn into a proper bibtex reference!!!!!!!! I!!! LOVE!!! IT!!!!

  5. But to be honest this referencing tool is the only reason I am even considering visual mode, as it quite bad ...

With all that I would like to ask you guys to consider providing the citation tool also for the standard editor, please!

This would be a quick solution to all my problems :slight_smile:

I don't even want to go into the other potential solution of making visual editor more usable... but hell.. I'll take whatever works.

Thanks for being real chads!

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