vioplot package

I am trying to do a violin plot from data of an RNAseq. I have a file with 8 columns, one for gene ensemble id one for gene names and 6 for samples (1 group condition, and 1 group control, with three replicates in each). I did all the steps to arrive until the TMM and I would like to do a violin plot on all the genes for each triplicate. I managed to do boxplots but I think that violin plots are more informative. I have used the vioplot package on the same input of the boxplot, but my violin plots are cut, truncated at the y=0 and even if I increase the y axis to go below zero, my plots are still cut. I have tried to remove the x axis but it did not work. Does someone know why and how to fix it?
Also using another package, I just want to have an entire violin plot! Thanks in advance.

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