VIM shortcut for "scroll up" does not work (Unix-like)

Issue first raised two years ago in "Control-Y does not do anything" seems to still be in play (i.e. doesn't work). Is this a bug or deliberate omission in the lightweight implementation of VIM key bindings? Thx

The response in previous thread claimed VIM has no such Ctrl-Y binding. That is incorrect. See below from help entry.

In VIM (launched from a Terminal on MacOS) I execute following.

:help Ctrl-y

It opens help entry labeled "CTRL-Y" in the Scrolling section and reads as follows:

"Scroll window [count] lines upwards in the buffer.
The text moves downwards on the screen.
Note: When using the MS-Windows key bindings CTRL-Y is
remapped to redo."

It isn't implemented yet, sorry! You can use :help in RStudio's Vim mode to see an overview of (most of) what we implement.

RStudio's Vim mode is largely derived from the Vim mode in our editing component, Ace. If it doesn't work in Ace, it probably won't work in RStudio, either:

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I see that Ctrl-y works fine in Ace (I tried it) but not in RStudio. Guess implementation effort just hasn't gotten around to it. Thanks for the update.

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