Vim mode Substitute (:s) command with confirmation not working properly


I'm currently using the Vim keybindings to edit my R scripts in Rstudio (which is great!), and I am trying to use the substitution command (ie: " :s/foo/bar/gc ") which should allow me to step through instances of 'foo' and confirm which ones I want to replace.

However the prompt that should appear "replace with bar (y/n/a/q/l/^E/^Y)?" is not appearing and the command does nothing.

I am running rstudio V 1.2.5001 on Linux Mint 19.1

I see the same thing on both Linux Mint and Windows 10 with versions of RStudio 1.1. I have never used vim keybindings in RStudio before, so I am certainly no expert. A search with no confirmation, like


works fine.

Same here, I think the issue is related to the confirmation prompt only, as regular substitution without confirmation worked fine for me too.
I can't tell for sure but it kind of looks like the prompt flashes along the bottom for a split second and then disappears...

It looks like this isn't currently supported in our Vim emulation. Would you mind filing this as a feature request at


Thanks for suggesting the feature request!

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