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I am drafting my vignette. Here is the question I have: I don't want to include the data used for the vignette in the package, but just want to use it for constructing vignette. Is there a good option to do so? I thought R/sysdata.rda would be an option until I found out it is not for this purpose. Hope you can shed some light. Thanks!

Maybe inst/extdata?

You can also put extra files in the vignettes directory I believe.

Thank you both. @bm5tev3 I already read Chapter 14 before asking the question. What I don't understand is If you want to show how to load raw data, put that data in inst/extdata. from the chapter. All I need is to use raw data, not to load raw data specifically. @Gabor, could you please flesh out putting files in the vignettes? How can I specify directory and load the data?

R changes the working directory to vignettes when it builds the vignette, so if you put your data file in vignettes/mydata.rds, then in the vignette you can read it with


If you want to support R versions older than 3.5.0 then you need to save the RDS file in version 2:

saveRDS(mydata, "vignettes/mydata.rds", version = 2)
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Thank you so much @Gabor

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