Viewing PDF vignettes in preview release

I am using a preview release of RStudio (1.2.907) on Debian 9. When I use the help pane to navigate to some PDF vignette and click on it, the PDF file is not opened in the PDF viewer. Instead, I am offered a download dialogue.

Files are opened in the PDF viewer when I use vignette(...) or click on a PDF file in the file pane. However, in both cases the PDF viewer is opened in the background, which is slightly inconvenient.

Are there any settings to change this behavior?

Can you give us an example of a help topic containing a vignette / PDF link that we could try opening and testing to verify the issue locally?

One example would be the vignettes for the Rcpp package. Required steps:

  • in 'Help' pane seach for 'Rcpp'
  • go to 'Index'
  • go to 'User guides, package vignettes and other documentation.'
  • click on any of the vignettes (either title or 'PDF')

Got it! Thanks for taking the time to make a reproducible example. This change is behavior is unintended; we'll make sure to get this fixed up in time for the v1.2 release -- we've now filed this at

Thank you for taking the time to test!

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