Viewing and downloading air quality data with pre-validation flags - Shiny Contest Submission

Viewing and downloading air quality data with pre-validation flags

Authors: Edgar Luis Cáceres Angulo, Andrés Daniel Brios Abanto, Guisella Johanna Sanchez Ramos

Abstract: An application for viewing and downloading meteorological and pollutant data in 5 minutes from the air quality stations installed by the OEFA (Environmental Assessment and Enforcement Agency).

Full Description: Presentation of data from the automatic air quality stations located in the cities of La Oroya, Torata, Talara, Paragsha, Velille and Ccapacmarca in Peru.

This application allows you to view, select and download raw data pre-validated from 5 minutes of meteorology, pollutants; define the start and end time range, start and end times, meteorological data (barometric pressure, precipitation, temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction), pollutants (particulate matter with less than 10 microns "PM10" , particular material with less than 2.5 microns "PM2.5", sulfur dioxide "SO2", carbon monoxide "CO") and all the variables of the pollutant equipment as well as the flags that are assigned to describe the state of the data if it is valid or not valid, and if it is not valid, ask if it went through a verification and / or maintenance process.

When all the necessary fields are selected, it will be executed and displayed as the image below. You can download this data in excel format.

Download algorithm


Keywords: shinyTime, DT, shinyWidgets, tidyselect, meteorological and pollutant data air quality
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Repo: GitHub - edgarcaceresangulo/sisvalaire: Visualization of air quality data with pre-validation flags | Edgar Cáceres
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