"View only" access for instructors teaching with RStudioCloud

I know that as currently configured RStudioCloud does NOT allow two people to simultaneously view the same code:

"When an Admin or a Moderator opens another user’s project, they do NOT open a temporary copy and any changes they make will affect the original. If an Admin or Moderator does open a project while another user has it open, the other user will see the message below [R Session Disconnected. We do not yet support simultaneous, collaborative editing."

This is a major hurdle for my use of RStudioCloud for teaching. Is it possible to create a way for an instructor to open a "View only" version of the student's code or project? The existing Temporary Copy designation that you already have for accessing someone else's project could work for this purpose but is disabled for admin. Any way to activate this as at least an option for instructors?

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