view deployed shiny app files in Connect

Is it possible to view all the files for a deployed shiny app on Connect?
I used rsconnect::deployApp() to deploy my app, and it is not so easy to set which files are ignored in the deployment approach (it appears that this can be done with an .rscignore file, but there's not much info on this in the rsconnect::deployApp() docs). So, I think that I deployed some "extra" files in my Workbench project for the Shiny app, which is causing the app to fail when running on Connect; however, I cannot easily view the files for the app that were deployed to Connect. I would assume that the app developer should have access to a list of files/directories for the deployed app.

This is easy to do!

There's a menu dropdown from the topbar "... inside circle" button which let's you see, reactivate and download "Source versions" :+1:



Thanks @slodge !

A major downside is that I need to download all files just to see which files have been published.