Video not included in docs folder after rendering quarto blog

Hey everyone, my issue is related to how to insert local video into quarto blog ?.

My local video works fine when I render locally, but when I quarto rendered it and pushed to github, the video was broken.

After some thinking, I found that the video was not added to the docs/ folder, contrary to the pictures, so my workaround so far is to manually add it to the docs/ folder; but whenever I quarto render it, I must move it manually again, as the file is deleted.

Everything's here: at main · baarthur/ · GitHub

on index.qmd, line 97: {{< video p-day7.mp4 >}}, which refers to the homonimous file in

I currently use two profiles, Portuguese and English. I manually added the video to the docs/ folder, but not to the docs/pt one. As you can see, the Portuguese profile still shows the video issue, as there's no p-day7.mp4 on the folder:

English profile works fine, tho:

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