Very slow to open projects in network based storage from Windows

I am using RStudio (2021.09.1 Build 372) from Windows Server 2016 Standard. My RStudio project is stored in the network based storage (NFS, Ubuntu) mounted on Windows system. Both machines are in the same high performance network. It is very slow to open a project in RStudio. In a empty folder which only has the project file. It takes

  • about 5s to show "Initializing R: The R session is initializing — please wait a moment..."
  • about 2 min with a spinning symbol in the Environment panel

No any troubles to open projects in local drive.

I have tested the NFS performance. it takes the same time to read/write a big file with 100 M records.

Is anyway I can fix this problem?

I found it is related with git repository in NFS: RStudio slow with git when large subdirectory exists in project folder - #3 by kevinushey

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