Version of Javascript (ES5, ES6) supported by the IDE browser?

I am working on a package that uses Vega/Vega-Lite - I think they are ES5 compliant, but they put out a question asking about the possibility to move to ES6.

I thought I might ask here about ES6 support within the IDE browser.


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RStudio 1.1 doesn't support it, but RStudio 1.2 uses a recent version of Chromium and has a modern JavaScript engine with ES6 support.


Thanks for the answer, @jonathan! If I could make a very late followup question:

Might it be possible to expose the JavaScript engine on the new version of the IDE so that we could make headless calls from R, along the lines of V8 or webdriver (maybe it already is possible)? My understanding of phantomJS is that it is not yet ES6 compliant and that it may not be possible for V8 to be updated to ES6 and be CRAN-compliant.

To be clear, this is not a huge issue for me now, as I can still use ES5 with V8, etc., but it may be interesting at some point in the future.

Hi @jonathan !

When the RStudio version 1.2 will be out ?
I'm got the sames problems with my HTMLWidgets.