version control with Git in local mode

I setup a local git repository for a project by followinig the Version Control with Git and SVN – RStudio Support.

I am not sure what is the workflow to see the changes in history. Here is what I did:

  1. created a new post.
  2. select all files in Git tab.
  3. Click History. I saw this post in History.
  4. made a change (say ###) to the newly created post, saved it. I saw the change in History.
  5. deleted ###, and added a new word to the post, saved it. I only saw the initial post in pink, and the second change in History, I did not see the first change.

I would expect to see the track records of each change.

I understand that you want to see all COMMITED changes in your source-file.
for some commands that allow this.
I was impressed by the output of gitk filename that was suggested by Claudio Acciaresi.
With my setup of RStudio (in Windows) I can enter git and gitk command in the Terminal panel.

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