Venn.diagram code help

I am trying to plot a venn diagram of common genes from separate lists, but the output is incorrect as I know there should be overlaps. I have spent quite a few hours looking for help on this topic but I cannot solve it - please could someone look at my code and advise?


#importing data as .txt files

tumour1 <- read.table("25_1_fs_insertions.txt", header = TRUE)
tumour2 <- read.table("25_2_fs_insertions.txt", header = TRUE)
tumour3 <- read.table("25_3_fs_insertions.txt", header = TRUE)

#combining the data as a list
combined <- list(A = tumour1, B = tumour2, C = tumour3)

#trying to plot the data as a venn diagram
category.names = c("Tumour 1", "Tumour 2", "Tumour 3"),
filename = '#25_venn_diagram.png', output = TRUE)

Hi, none of us have your data so can't run your code properly. You should provide a reproducible example:

Perhaps your data doesn't overlap?

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