{vdiffr} snapshot test fails only on some GH Action systems

I added some {vdiffr} snapshot tests into a package. I've used these types of test plenty, but this time I am seeing something strange. The doppelganger test passes locally, and on most of the CI systems. BUT, it's failing on Ubuntu R-devel and Ubuntu R-oldrel-1.


A few of the new snapshot tests I added with vdiffr are failing, but I am not sure how to further trouble shoot these failures. Here's an example of one of the SVG files for the failing tests.

The updates with these failures live in this PR

Any ideas how to debug this? Should I just remove the tests and move on? Thank you!

I don't know the answer, but I suggest you ask this in the vdiffr issue tracker if you don't get an answer here in the next couple of days.

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Thank you @Gabor ! Will do

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