variogram saving in ctmm package won't work...

Hey everyone,

I'm getting frustrated over here, because my script isn't working as it should.
I want to run those lines:

Quincy_A_ctmm<-as.telemetry(Quincy_A_move, timezone = "CET", drop = F)
SVF_Quincy_A <- variogram(Quincy_A_ctmm$Quincy..H_038.), name = "para.test.Quincy_A")
sel_Quincy_A <-$Quincy..H_038.,para.test.Quincy_A,verbose=TRUE,level=1)

Unfortunately R does not save the "para.test.Quincy_A" automatically but instead I get the following error:

Fehler in$Quincy..H_038., para.test.Quincy_A,  : 
  Objekt 'para.test.Quincy_A' nicht gefunden

I'm able to save the variogram by hand as .pdf or .png but either way R does not detect the file afterwards to run the last line.

With the script I want to create autocorrelated kernel density estimations to show movement patterns of birds.

I'd be super glad if one of you could help me.
Thank you so far and kind regards,

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