Variational Autoencoder using Keras in R and Shiny

I built a Variational Autoencoder using Keras in R,
I noticed that if I train the model on regular R session all work great,
but when I train the model on Shiny session it goes terribly worng:
When Shiny session gets to the line which train the model:

history<- vae %>% fit(
                  x_train, x_train, 
                  shuffle = TRUE, 
                  epochs = 25, 
                  batch_size = batch_size, 
                  validation_data = list(x_test, x_test)

there is no feedback on epoch and the all computer get stuck.
(I don't get any errors just crushing computer)

Is there special configuration to set when using Keras on Shiny?


Thank you for reporting this. I'd like to investigate, and it would make it substantially easier if you provide a minimal reproducible example.

Can you please add your code for a minimal shiny app, e.g. training a variational auto-encoder using the iris data?