Variables broken

On the latest update the variables seems to be broken, i.e.:

set R_HOME=

Does not work any longer because RStudio IDE does not recognize it.

Can we please have the new dynamic variables required for 2022.12.0 version please? Before there is a wild shout, those variables are still working on RStudio-2022.07.2-576

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what is it you are trying to do ?
if you are running R studio, and its working to the extent that it shows you an R console, you can infer that an R_HOME is set, because that is the path that the R installation is in that Rstudio has used to service you.
the R command ; R.home() - will tell you what that is.
You can change R Studio to use a different R version, Tools > Global Options > General > Basic R version
I believe this is tracked in JSON config.json - where this is may be OS dependent; On my windows PC; its in app_data/roaming/RStudio
I wouldnt tinker with that myself; compared to the drop down menu in Rstudio itself its less user friendly and more prone to error I would think.

Hi nirgrahamuk

R_HOME variable has been working for the past 5 years in my environments, this lets you know that I am not the average RStudio user. R_Home isn't the only broken variable because all the dynamic variables as I have found out are broken in 2022.12.0.

I noticed also that RStudio IDE has been compiled in a different way, I believe the new IDE version aka 2022.12.0 hasn't been tested at all, or if you prefeer, it has lots of legacy issues.

I noticed in several JSON files that those variables are present but IMHO have been compiled by not considering their purpose or meaning therefore custom use.

I believe that other Data Scientists will complain about this

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