Variable in chunk options causes error in R notebook

According to section 11.1 of the R Markdown Cookbook, you can use variables from previous chunks as chunk options in R Markdown documents. The cookbook provides the following example:

output: html_document

my_width <- 7

```{r, fig.width=my_width}

Beautiful! ... when the output is an html document.

While the above works when output is set to html_document, it does not when the output is set as output: html_notebook in the front matter. That results in an RStudio error:

Error creating notebook: invalid quartz() device size. See line 9.

Why is there an error for html_notebook but not html_document?

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  • This unanswered question is about R Markdown documents rather than notebooks.
  • This question has me wondering whether chunk options are run before other code in R Notebooks. I would think that defining the variables in the setup chunk would solve this, but it does not.

Thanks for the report.

I think this would be an issue in RStudio IDE which handle the Notebook format. I believe this is covered by

and by

you should subscribed and add to those issue maybe.

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