Value boxes in Quarto

I'm trying to get Value boxes into a Quarto HTML document.

  • flexdashboard::valueBox() isn't working at all. I think it's not supposed to work in Quarto, that's ok.
  • bslib::value_box() works inline but not in Rendered output. I wonder if this should work?
format: html


::: {layout-ncol=1}

         icon = "fa-user")

  title = "I got",
  value = "99 problems",
  showcase = bs_icon("music-note-beamed"),
  p("bslib ain't one", bs_icon("emoji-smile")),
  p("hit me", bs_icon("suit-spade"))

This works inline:

Doesn't work in HTML output:

Following the example from here: Value boxes • bslib

Thanks very much!

Upgrading to the most recent dev version (version of {bslib} using install.packages("rstudio/bslib") fixes this.

Solution found via links in this GitHub issue: Quarto HTML incompatible with bslib full screen cards · Issue #6081 · quarto-dev/quarto-cli · GitHub


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