Validation of a questionnaire

Dear all,
maybe its a very stupid question but I am very desperate in the moment because nothing works.. :frowning: but maybe you can help me :slight_smile:

i developed a questionnaire and now I want to prove the convergent validity. Therefore, I used an other questionaire. The people had to fill out my questionnaire and the other questionnaire. Now I want to check the convergent validity - does my questionnaire measures the same like the other one. For my understanding I need to get the correlation of both? Both questionnaire were rated on a 7 scale answer format.
Can you help me, which function do I need?

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Hi @katharina,

It's possible I'm wrong, and you'll get helpful input here, but, just in case, I wanted to recommend the Data Methods discussion forum:

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A couple of links that might help (warning, there will likely be lots of info to sort through to find what you need):

CRAN Task View on psychometrics: CRAN Task View: Psychometric Models and Methods