using xaringan slides for class presentations

I could use some advice about how to organize Rmd slides for use in an instructional website! We have a teaching material website made with Distill, and sometimes we want to use slides made in Xaringan. We do several short courses, and each short course might have a different theme for the slides.

My question is, what is the smoothest way to organize this? Right now we place the slides inside each Distill post -- but this just leads to many copies of the same CSS files and img files.

In a different post here, @apreshill says

I will say I have found it easier to store my presentations in a separate repo then link to them from my site though.

so should we take this approach -- one repo per short course, and link to these from the main distill website?

For reference, the github repo in question is GitHub - bios2/ BIOSĀ² Education Resources!

Hey @aammd!

For my personal site, I do keep my slides in a separate repo. But for teaching, I prefer to keep everything together. Here is an example distill workshop I did with slides in the same repo: GitHub - rstudio-education/teaching-in-production: Invited session for Day 3 of the RStudio Instructor

I keep them all in the slides folder so I can have a common slide .css file that they all use.

Here I'm just using GitHub Pages to deploy a built site in docs/

Did you by any change also get it to work with bookdown (currently using the new bs-theme)? Last year I set up a lecture site with distill as well and it worked great to embed videos and slides (Introduction to Data Analysis with R: Lectures) but this year I wanted to try bookdown for improved searchability (Hello and welcome! | Introduction to Data Analysis with R). I figured I don't strictly need slides, but if would be cool.

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