using together.js for collaborative shinyapps?

Has anyone used together.js to make a collaborative shinyapp? I thought I had gotten it to work on (i.e., the 'together' window shows up and I can create a collaborative link). I joined using the generate link on my laptop but don't see changes happening on my desktop. You can try the no-yet-working-version by clicking the "collaborate" icon as shown below from the app here:

Hopefully it is possible to get this to work with shiny!


Relevant source code: at master · radiant-rstats/ · GitHub
Full app source code: GitHub - radiant-rstats/ Code for the Data menu in Radiant

If you look at the console, there's a few errors being thrown by WebSocket.

It seems development for TogetherJS was stopped by Mozilla, and the hub server is no longer available.

You can find more information here, as well as a way to fix the problem Deploy a new hub server · Issue #1172 · jsfiddle/togetherjs · GitHub

There you'll find this link to a helpful YouTube tutorial, showing you how to start your own hub using Glitch

Thanks for your reply @jdb! As you can see below together.js is now being maintained by the JSFiddle team. Using the information in the issue you sent I was able to get sharing somewhat working. When I move the cursor around on my laptop, I do see that on my desktop which is very cool. However, the clicks on one computer (e.g., on a tab or selecting variables) are not reflected on the other computer.

I wonder if this is because shiny creates single page apps, the way my app is organized, or some other reason. Have you been able to get it to work with shiny apps in the past?

FYI I did see a few uncaught errors at some point ...

Update: After adding "TogetherJSConfig_cloneClicks = true" now switching tabs and some versions of selectInput work! However, check boxes, selectizeInputs, etc. do not and neither do changes to a shinyAce text editor.


tags$script('TogetherJSConfig_hubBase = ""; TogetherJSConfig_cloneClicks = true;'),
tags$script(src = ""),

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