Using Shinyapp ui.R and server.R files in React.js

Hi Everybody,

I have a question about using R codes in React.js. I have done graphs in shiny app and ui design. I want to use it in my website and I built my website with react.js. So does anybody use shinyapp ui.R and server.R files in react.js.
How could I use them? Thanks.

The reactR package might be what you are after.

Thanks dear dcrulolo for your reply. I read the documentation but reactR is seems to run react.js code in R. I am looking for the reverse event. I want to run r code in React.js app. Is that possible or did i miss something with reactR.

What are you using as a backend? If you are using node, there's a fantastic js package r script that can be used to run R code in node. You could also go the R plumber route:

Thanks. I am using Node. I will look your suggestion. And will inform you about the results.

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