Using Shiny (with DBI and dplyr) to replace a spreadsheet

I have been tasked with replacing a spreadsheet that is used to input and store supplier account details with something more secure and safe. It has only around 2000 rows and is currently accessed by 3-4 people once or twice a day. Obviously a relational database seems the obvious way to store the data, but I am a little stuck on the easiest way to write a front end. I have a lot of experience with R (including accessing rdbms) and a bit of experience with shiny - but mostly for deploying stats and machine learning models, not for data input and validation which is the main thing here.

Is shiny suitable for this ? If not is there any other suitable R based solutions ? Otherwise I can look at other languages/frameworks but I prefer to work with what I know where possible/practical.

Thanks for any advice

Why not just use MS Access, or something similar, as the front end ? Your use case seems like a perfect match. Doing it in R/Shiny will involve a lot of pain if you are not a Shiny expert. Seems like re-inventing the wheel.


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