Using Shiny apps within the company


I am a relatively new R user. I have started using R for making visualizations for sport, as a hobby, but recently (last year) I have noticed that a lot of tasks in my daily work can be easily solved using R code.

I work in geotechnical engineering. Part of my work consist in statistically analyzing data about the soil/rock properties. At the moment, the vast majority of this work is done using Excel and as you might guess, it's a total mess. It's so difficult to track a project's workflow and to check the quality of the results.

I have successfully implemented some of the tasks in R scripts and everything works so well but it's difficult to share among colleagues the tools/scripts I use, since very few people in this industry know R. With this in mind, I am trying to build some Shiny apps, which everyone can use (regardless of their programming skills). The idea of these apps would be to create a working environment where you could log-in with a password, upload some data, manipulate them statistically and then create some output in terms of CSV files, plots in PNG/PDF and some reports HTML/PDF/WORD, etc.

There is excellent information online on building Shiny apps but it is a bit unclear for me what tools I would need to deploy these apps (as standalone apps or in the cloud) within the company. Moreover, many professionals outside of the company would have interest in using these apps in their work. Is it possible to deploy Shiny apps in a cloud environment, so other companies would pay to use it as a tool? What I am looking for is for best practices on how to achieve this.

Thanks in advance and I apologize for such a long question.


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