Using RODBC to connect Aster with RShiny

Hi All,

I am trying to use TeradataAsterR package to connect with Aster database from shiny app. Problem i am facing is that TeradataAsterR requires RODBC connection loading which takes too much time when starting shiny app.

Kindly suggest how to resolve this issue and if there is another way to access Aster database.

Awais Hassan

Is it the RODBC connection which is taking a long time or the time to retrieve queries?

You can generally use different connection packages which have differing read/write performance, but I would be surprised if the connection itself made a significant difference - this should only be a few seconds to verify the user details supplied.

Hi, you may wish to try the new odbc R package instead of RODBC. We have a website dedicated to get the most out of database connections in R:

There are two specific articles I would recommend to review for your particular case:, and

Loading of RODBC package is taking too much time at the start of application.