Using R in a Docker/Singularity container for RStudio console

Would it be possible to use R from a Docker/Singularity container as the R instance in the RStudio console? I often use containers for reproducible workflows and pipelines (snakemake) but also need to work interactively. However, if I'm bound to the R version installed on my machine as the one being used in RStudio it becomes very difficult to control package versions etc. I don't know if this is technically possible or not but it would be a huge improvement for me personally.

Btw, I know that I can use the terminal (as opposed to the console) to start R but that comes at the cost of not being able to send multi-line commands as one (gotta do it line by line) and not seeing plots, variables, etc


There is the JobLauncher new feature in RStudio Pro 1.2 that could be of interest. See blog

I think it could be close of what you seek.

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