Using private GitHub package with ShinyApps

I am having trouble making my account install a private GitHub dependency:

First, on ShinyApps, I have authorized private GitHub repository access.

Second, in my package that I am deploying, I have added the private dependency as a Remotes package in the DESCRIPTION file:


Third, ShinyApps is an authorized application on GitHub under the repository settings.

However, when I attempt to manually deploy, ShinyApps is unable to find myDependency. I get an error that states:

Warning: Unable to determine the repository for package myDependency

What else do I need to check to be sure can reach and use my dependency


At my work I have installed packages I created from our company GitHub, but that requires a GitHub key. Even though I have packages at work that depend on other packages I have built on our GitHub repo, I have never used a remotes tag in the description file, I have them in imports.

Maybe you can provide more details in order to narrow down the issue.

What do you mean it requires a GitHub key? Where do you put the GitHub key, I thought that was what authenticating my GitHub for private repository access was supposed to do? How do you specify in imports that the package is located on GitHub and not CRAN? That's what the Remotes tag is supposed to do.

I found only this reference to private github repos on the support
Chapter 2 Getting Started | user guide (

Only packages installed from GitHub with devtools::install_github , in version 1.4 (or later) of devtools , are supported. Packages installed with an earlier version of devtools must be reinstalled with the later version before you can deploy your application. If you get an error such as “PackageSourceError” when you attempt to deploy, check that you have installed all the packages from Github with devtools 1.4 or later.

I assume this covers the majority of cases where people are building apps, whereby dependencies are installed in their working systems, and the rsconnect process detects what the installed packages are, and prepares to duplicate on shinyappsIo. Perhaps there are additional complications where the app to be deployed is itself a package though.

@dylanrussellmd Did you solve this issue as I have the same problem. I have just developed a library from a code underpinning a shiny app and am trying to load it from Github.