Using pagedown::chrome_print() in

Hello ! I'm trying to deploy an app on It uses rmarkdown and pagedown to render a pdf based on html created by the .Rmd file. But it fails to render it.
The app log shows this message:
Warning: Error in is_remote_protocol_ok: Cannot find headless Chrome after 20 attempts
I guess it is because it cannot find chrome on the shinyapps server, but pagedown package seems to be supported on shinyapps, according to this:
I read that I have to use chrome_print(async=T), I've done it but it still doesn't work.
So how can I solve this issue ??
Any help would be much appreciated

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I believe this maybe have something to do with running inside a shinyapp container. Maybe try with

extra_args = c("--disable-gpu", 

As described in pagedown documentation, it worked for me.

It worked ! Thanks a lot !

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