Using online csv files

Hi everyone,

Could we use online csv files without having to download then upload them to the directory.
Let's take this dataset for instance. How it can be done?


Yes, you can do this. E.g. with my (small) testfile that I uploaded to my website both files can be read with the same result.


df1 <- read.csv("C:\\Users\\Han\\Documents\\testfile.csv",sep=";")
df2 <- read.csv("",sep=";")

But I wonder why this would help you?
It would only save you the local copy of the file (three files in your case).
But at the cost of having to download the file for each step in your analysis.

I think I saw a function with a callback to select only certain rows and of course that could help when you know beforehand that you need such a selection. I am afraid I do not remember the name of the function/package.

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So the download is happening anyway then. okay thanks for your help @HanOostdijk

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