Using NLME with longitudinal data in R

I need to fit a nonlinear mixed effects model in R and I'm not finding any examples online that clearly show how to use this package. I downloaded the package, installed it, but I'm having trouble finding the implementation details. I have a dataset:

subjects (1-10); visits (1-10); a number of different independent variables, i.e. var1, var2, var3, etc. where their values vary per subject per visit; 1 dependent variable

It's a longitudinal dataset for multiple subjects across multiple visits. I'd like to use nonlinear mixed effects model where subject is random and all other variables are fixed. The relationship between the params and the response is exponential. What would be the syntax for nlme in r to do this? Is it something along the lines of
model1<-nlme(data, random=subject, fixed=var1 - var5, y=dependent_variable)?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!

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