Using mutate_at to get rid of age values less than 18

I want to get rid of ages less than 18 in my data set by converting them to missing values using mutate_at. I found A way to do it, but I'm certain that there's a more efficient way. Here's what I have:

dataie = dataselected %>%

mutate_at ("RIDAGEYR", na_if, 0) %>%
mutate_at ("RIDAGEYR", na_if, 1) %>%
mutate_at ("RIDAGEYR", na_if, 2) %>%
etc, all the way up to 17.

I'm pretty new to RStudio, so any advice is welcome.

I think this might work:


dataie <- dataselected %>%
    ridageyr = case_when(
      ridageyr < 18 ~ NA_integer_,
      TRUE ~ as.numeric()

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