Using matlabr on


I wanted to deploy a shiny app on but I am using the system() command to run some matlab code.
My app is functionning well on local but I can't seem to run the code once deployed.
Does anyone know if it's possible ?

My command is :
system(paste("matlab.exe -wait -nodesktop -nosplash -batch "",
"path = '", path, "';
file = ", fileList, ";
run('IndexVolumeIntraSphereFinal.m');" , """, sep = ""))

Thanks in advance !

Matlab is not installed on servers, more over, your commands are for a Windows system and servers use Linux.

With open source software, you can request for them to install it on their servers but since Matlab is not open source, I don't think it is possible.

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Ok thanks !
Guess I will have to make an executable then

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