Using loop for mechanisation of linear regression within dataset

Hi All,
I have a dataset with social science data and I am trying to put OLS using linear as well as multiple regression loop in order to get a better picture of the dataset.
Here's how the data looks like:
Country code | Attribute 1 | Attribute 2 | .......
I want to check which attributes are best linked(wrt R square value).
For linear regression I think two loops within each other should work, but not able to figure out a way for multiple regression.

I'm not sure I 100% follow - are you just looking to see how the numeric data in your dataset correlates? To do so you could just use the cor() function.

cor(dplyr::select(iris, where(is.numeric)))
#>              Sepal.Length Sepal.Width Petal.Length Petal.Width
#> Sepal.Length    1.0000000  -0.1175698    0.8717538   0.8179411
#> Sepal.Width    -0.1175698   1.0000000   -0.4284401  -0.3661259
#> Petal.Length    0.8717538  -0.4284401    1.0000000   0.9628654
#> Petal.Width     0.8179411  -0.3661259    0.9628654   1.0000000

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