Using Julia with Quarto

Hello, I have a question about using Julia with Quarto. I have followed the instructions at Quarto – Using Julia (which seem to have been just recently updated) and have not been able to get the instructions at Quarto – Using Julia to work.

I have been able to get Julia to work using the excellent JuliaCall package: Seamless Integration Between R and 'Julia' • JuliaCall. But, I have not been able to get JuliaCall to work on all of my machines, meaning that I can only run JuliaCall on my Mac laptop, and not my Windows machine.

My question is: Is JuliaCall necessary for Julia to work in Quarto?

My working example is here: Multilevel Multilingual

Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated. I'm very appreciative of the work that has gone into Quarto, Julia and JuliaCall, just unable to figure out how to get them to play well together.


I've struggled with Quarto/Julia beyond the Hello, World stuff even on macOS. For a static website project it was wholly unworkable. I tried Jupyter and Pluto before settling on Franklin, which has lightweight Julia rendering. The documentation has holes, but once I dug into the repo, I figured out the organization files. Graphic drivers for saved images have been a headache that I've had to treat with a patchwork of scripting and help from Keyboard Maestro—not ideal. I wouldn't have had any of these problems with Quarto/R but the transition from R to Julia has eased the whole data intake, analyze, presentation workflow by orders of magnitude. Less syntax, more consistency, greater fluency. And RCall makes it possible to fall back on R real strength, its deep library.