Using input Text

I work in a state agency in Brazil. Recently, we are doing a lot of municipalities economic reports and I am automating the process using Markdown. I set the name of the city (e.g "Curitiba") to a element and, based on that, all the graphs, tables and text is build in R. What I want is to share the tool for all people here in agency. I thought about shiny (which i never used before), but, after some time researching, I remain helpless.

I think what I want is pretty simple: In the top of the document, a input bar that you can write the desired municipality name. That input turns the input for the element I already have, keeping the rest constant.

Hi @exorio! Welcome to RStudio Community!

You could consider using an interactive Rmarkdown document or you could just build it as a shiny app completely. Both would give you the functionality you are looking for.

As an introduction to shiny in general, I would highly recommend that you take a look at the shiny tutorials provided by RStudio as they will likely be the best place to get a thorough understanding of the basics of shiny. From there, the shiny website has a ton of examples and articles with further tutorials.