Using id=TRUE to label all partial residuals in effectsplot

I am a beginner at Rstudio, and I want to make an allEffects plot with labeled points.
Each point signifies a country. The first graph shows the effect of the amount of cumulative excess deaths before march 2021, when the COVID vaccination campagne has not rolled out yet, vs the amount of cumulutive excess deaths after march 2021. The other graph shows the effect of the vaccinations.
This is my code for the plot(allEffects):
plot(allEffects(glsadditive, residuals=T), band.colors= "grey2",
residuals.color= adjustcolor ("blue",alpha.f = 0.50),
residuals.pch=16, smooth.residuals =F, rug = F, id=TRUE)

I have to use id=TRUE to label all the partial residuals, like it did for 4 poins. I now want this to happen for all my partial residuals, not just this number 1, 4 and 26. How do I solve this? I think it has something to do with list and n=32 (the number of residuals).

the problem is, when I use
the text 'Error using packet 1 missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed' appears.

We need a reproducible example (reprex)

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