Using httr package how can I send multiple GET requests to an API based on a list of 150 search terms in rows?

Hi there,
Newish to R and I have enjoyed wrangling with problems using documentation but just stuck on this one.

I'm using the httr package and want to send a GET request (or series of requests) to the Open Corporates API based on 150 search terms for Company Officers and receive the results in a single df as the ultimate output.

I understand I would construct a single search term request like this:

#load packages

#environment object of base url
url <- ""

#simple get request
test  <- GET(url, query=list(q = "Officer Name",
                           "inactive" = FALSE,

Where the following are query parameters or "facets" in the OC API documentation for "GET officers/search":

q= search string
inactive=FALSE = excludes inactive officers
jurisdiction_code=gb= limits search to GB jurisdiction

How might I construct the request so that it would repeat the same process for 150 search terms (the rows of a df or as a list) and output the results in a single df?

I'm assuming the q search term parameter has a character string limit so I need an argument that will send the contents of each row to the q parameter and execute multiple requests and then a second argument to append the results to a single output table.

Grateful for any pointers to the appropriate packages and functions to achieve this :slight_smile:

(I'm planning to unwrap the response results with the rawToChar and fromJSON functions.)

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