Using conda python env including R as choice inside Rstudio Server Pro

Rstudio Server: 1.2.1335-1 (Professional)
miniconda: conda 4.6.14 with python 3.7.3 and R 3.5.1
Default R: 3.5.2 (compiled from source)
OS: CentOS 7

I want want to use a miniconda built python env where I have also installed R (3.5.1) and required packages (python and R). I have added it to Rstudio and see it as an option in the dropdown menu. When selecting it, it reloads the session in the default 3.5.2. The error I get is "WARNING R version home directory not found". Rstudio does not like the conda env path as an R Home. Any ideas?

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Unfortunately a conda supplied version of R is not supported with RStudio Server Pro. Conda environments do much more than simply supplying R, they are essentially "mini containers" that modify and expect their own root directory, PATH, etc.

For RStudio Server Pro, we recommend installing R from source, see:

It is possible to use conda to supply the Python environment for a project, see:

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