Using Capital IQ in R

This question might be a longshot, but has anyone here used some form of an API/webscraping to pull data from Capital IQ into R? I've been looking for solutions everywhere but not too much luck. I managed to find one API in Python (see, but I keep on getting an error when I try to run the code in R using reticulate (see my query on Stackoverflow -

If anyone has had success pulling data directly from Capital IQ into R, I'd appreciate it if you could post some sample code so I can have an idea of how to pull a couple different time series and put them into a dataframe. I'm trying to generate an automated report, hence why I'm looking to pull the data directly as opposed to downloading it manually online/with the excel plugin.

Once again, sorry if this question isn't applicable on here seeing that Capital IQ is subscription based (so there might not be too many people on here that have access to it).


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