Using boxes outside of shinydashboard

My favorite feature of shinydashboard is the handy box() element that helps to organize content visually. I have a major production application that was built using the normal user interface functions offered by shiny itself, but in my next release I would like to add the boxes without doing the full conversion to shinydashboard just yet (as that will require an immense re-write). Is anyone aware of a way to use the box() elements inside a typical shiny user interface? I thought I saw a newer package that offered boxes and other various UI elements for use in a typical shiny application, but I could have been mistaken.


I just found that the development version of shinyWidgets has added ways to bring certain shinydashboard elements like boxes to a regular shiny app!


Doesn't work for me and I am not sure how to get it to work.

Did you simply install the github version of shinyWidgets?

You'd use the useShinydashboard() function within your Shiny app.

See here for an example.