Using bookdown package as a repository for articles

I have been considering a way of collating items of interest e.g my StackOverflow questions/answers/bookmarks or all Marina Hyde's articles in the Guardian etc.

It seemed like use of the bookdown package would be a good option, in theory, with the possiblity of extending it to be parametizable so that people could create their own projects and bookdown outputs - although this would be beyond my abilities

I'm unlikely to be the first with this idea, and I wonder if there is any tutorial or suggestions on how to go about this in ant automated way that might prove helpful

Thanks in advance


Personally I'd recommend a regular markdown web page with lots of hyperlinks which will lead to the latest versions of discussion, plus articles.

Thanks for reply. I was really hoping to use some of the bookdown features by grouping web pages into chapters and using the search option, if possible
I'm at an early stage of processing and was hoping someone had already done the heavy work!

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