Using any cumulative custom function

Is it possible with dplyr or with other R package use any custom cumulative function (i.e. cumulative linear trend, ) for given longitudinal data frame, with next variables:
x - numerical or categorical variable
ID - object ID
t - tenure (1,2,....)
For instance I would like to have linear trend for x[1:2], x[1:3], x[1:4],....for each ID and tenure
in the flexible way (with some dplyr function)

I'm not sure I totally understand your scenario, but are you talking about something akin to window functions?

You might also look at the window functions and functionality provided by the tsibble package
GIF from Earo Wang's talk on tsibble at rstudio::conf(2019)
tsibble window functions


Many thanks! :slight_smile: Yes, I was thinking about "stretch_dbl"

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