Using an R package on a Codeberg repo

I would like to include an R package installed using install_git() from Codeberg, (not install_github()) in a shinyapps application, however this is not supported.

Under package sources, in the shinyapps documentation it says:

please drop us a line in the [shinyapps Community] if the lack of support is a blocker for you.

So here I am.

Would this be possible?


Hello @bgcarlisle ,

I had never heard of Codeberg before, so I googled for it and one of the entries was They :wink: proposes to install their package with

if (!require("devtools")) install.packages("devtools")
devtools::install_git(url = "")

Why would this code (with change of package name of course) not work for you? Did you try it?

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